Aftermath: An Analog Synth Lover's Paradise With Roomies!, Weird Weeds, J.D. Emmanuel and Stellar Om Source

We regularly stand in awe of just how involved Lance Higdon is in the general Houston music scene. His industriousness might not be as well-recognized as that of Robert Ellis or Geoffrey Mueller, but Higdon simply doesn't know how to sit still when it comes to making and promoting music in this city.

He plays drums for Tambersauro and Golden Cities, leads an art-noise outfit called Wall With One Side and helps run Esotype Records. To top it off, he's been organizing a regular series of experimental, avant-garde get-togethers under the moniker of Resonant Interval Sound Series. Rocks Off has been talking up this series to others for weeks now, but we've been unable to make it out ourselves until this past Friday, and it seems we couldn't have selected a better evening.

The night kicked off around 9 with Roomies!, performing trippy, spaced-out tunes on guitar and upright bass. For 30 minutes, the assembled crowd of about 35 enjoyed music that struck a fine balance between delicate, avant-garde pop and dissonant, melancholy free jazz, right down to waves of powerful, droning feedback.

Whether plucked or bowed, the bass lines typically served as the group's primary voice, while the guitarist created dense layers of fuzz and feedback with either his E-bow or by plucking notes high up on the fretboard. The effect was quite meditative in tone and mood, and the night was off to a great start.

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Adam P. Newton
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