Aftermath: "Beatdown" at Baybrook

Friday, Aftermath ran over to Baybrook Mall after work to catch the guerilla acoustic show in front of the Hot Topic, pitting Friendswood's own "Christian death metal" band Hematidrosis and scum-punkers 10th Grade Cutie. Nothing was set afire. No guitars were wielded as axes in some sort of teenage gladiator session in front the venerable counterculture outfitter. In fact, 10th Grade Cutie didn't get to play its covert show, seeing that some kid found out about the planned ruination and alerted Hot Topic brass. We just sat around in front of the store with a Storm Trooper and a gaggle of punk rock kids drinking coffee as all manner of "scene" kids showed up in their best day-glo hoodies and identically coiffed lady friends to watch Hematidrosis set up its gear. We actually got inside the store to take a few pics during the Hematidrosis set, before a mall security guard pulled us aside and took down our driver's license information. Apparently one cannot take pics at the mall, from what Paul Blart told us. We still don't know why he needed our information, but we are kinda worried that we are on some sort of pervert list online. 10th Grade Cutie then retired to Piccomolo Italian Ice Cream off F.M. 528 for a make-shift set of Motorhead, G.G. Allin and Misfits covers in front of friends and cute families out for ice cream on a Friday night. While Cutie performed "Bite It You Scum," a 15-year old girl got her nose pierced in a minivan outside. We did find out how the band got their name though. When lead singer Blaine was a junior in high school, he got a bunch of his friends to vote him in for "Tenth-Grade Cutie", which is normally supposed to be a female honor bestowed on you know, sophomore chicks. The band is leaving Houston today for a recording session at UTSA before invading SXSW for a few guerrilla shows around town. Watch yer asses, Third Eye Blind...

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