Aftermath: Beyonce at Toyota Center

Imagine, if you will, being invited to the most lavish party, held just for you and about 15,000 of your closet friends. The host, a beauty from McGregor, whose only mission is to give her guests 100 percent of herself and satisfy their needs for a night of entertainment.

In a nutshell, that is what going to a Beyonce concert is like. From the opening of the show when she tempts the audience with parts of "Deja Vu" and then goes into her first solo single "Crazy in Love," there is no moment to actually sit back and relax. Your feet are on the ground or you are out of your seat and anticipating every move that will happen next - that is all there is to do. When she asked audience members if they wanted to dance during "Gettin' Bodied," there was an eruption of screams and cheers.

Oh, Lady B, as if you had to ask? The majority of the crowd were dressed like they were going to a club for that very reason.

Although Beyonce started everything out in a glitzy and action-packed way, the mood was quickly slowed down to pay homage to one of her heroes. Complete in an angelic white gown, she sang "Ave Maria" and Sarah McLachlan's "Angel," in tribute to the late Michael Jackson leaving no one in the sold-out house unmoved.

With the somber moment past, Beyonce sang hits from her entire discography, including those from Destiny's Child. During "If I Were a Boy," she added in an unexpected surprise: Alanis Morrisette's "You Ouughta Know" - if it wasn't already known her songs were intended for female empowerment, it was then. But she didn't leave the men out during this show, not even close; with "Upgrade U" and "Video Phone," where she encouraged all the men to pull out their camera phones and press record, they had their moment as well.

There were so many moments during this show to speak about: Beyonce's trapeze act when changing stages, the uncountable amount of costume changes, and how on earth does she manage to shake her ass like that in those heels? But the best seemed to come when she interacted with her fans. Seranading an audience member during "Say My Name," singing happy birthday to all those who chose to celebrate their special day with her, and playing the many YouTube renditions of "Single Ladies" before coming out and performing it herself.

At these times, it wasn't Queen B, too fly to walk across a street in heels, up onstage, it was just Beyonce Knowles, a girl from Houston.

One thing that could not be missed is her impeccable vocal range and amazing showmanship. Singing Etta James' "At Last," she showed it's not all about yelling and booty-popping. When it came time to simply just sing, she went all the way, holding notes like she was Patti LaBelle, causing the audience raise their hands and "testify" like they were in church.

With the party coming to a close, "Halo" playing in the background, the host gave many "thanks" for coming out to her over-the-top shindig. This guest can't help but feel this girl knows how to put on show to the fullest extent. In a time where we're still remembering a star that was lost, we must also take a moment to celebrate the newest army of entertainers. Lady B is definitely ushering these soldiers in.

Check out a full slideshow of the pre-concert crowd and Miss Fierce herself.

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Kim Douglass
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