Aftermath: Big Walter "The Thunderbird" Price's Birthday at the Big Easy

While the indie-rock world dodged lightning strikes Sunday afternoon, Houston's blues community gathered inside the Big Easy Social and Pleasure Club to pay homage to its most elder statesman, Big Walter "The Thunderbird" Price.

The venue was packed with dancers, drinkers and a plethora of players who were way into the spirit of the thing for a gig that started at 2 p.m. on a hot, thunderous afternoon.

After several hours of autographing copies of Dr. Roger Wood and James Fraher's Down In Houston for well-wishers and glad-handers, the 95-year-old Price, dressed in a subdued red blazer, took center stage in his wheelchair and belted out several songs that would've done Muddy Waters proud.

While he has always recorded nothing but his own compositions, including the famous "Pack Fair and Square," Price entertained the revelers with a rousing rendition of Fats Domino's "My Girl Josephine" that found a most appreciative - and danceable - crowd on this muggy August afternoon.

After 95 years, The Thunderbird still knows how to fly.

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William Michael Smith