Aftermath: Billy Bob Thornton's Boxmasters, and Special Guest Billy Gibbons, at Fitzgerald's

A sad part of being a major celebrity and starting a rock band on the side is that inherently people will show up out of nowhere to see your band and ignore your music because they just want to see "you." Sometimes the music somehow ends up overshadowing the celebrity and the band becomes noteworthy in their own right and the fact that Jordan Catalano is your lead singer is sort of an afterthought.

The Boxmasters, actor Billy Bob Thornton's newest musical project, is very much still in that early stage of notoriety - the stage where people show wanting to hear lines from Sling Blade or throw publicity stills at him while he is trying to sing a song or even light a freaking cigarette onstage. But that still shouldn't diminish the fact that his Boxmasters are making ace country-fried rockabilly.

Imagine if Conway Twitty and the Kinks at their most mod got stoned one night in the '60s and decided to record four albums out in Bakersfield. It's definitely not like the stuff that BBT was doing earlier this decade, because this stuff has a more closely defined sound and aim.

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Craig Hlavaty
Contact: Craig Hlavaty