Aftermath: Bun B's "Houston 4 Haiti" Relief Concert at Warehouse Live

5:55 p.m.: One of the things I like most about Warehouse Live is how professional and courteous the door staff is. My favorite is how they do that thing where you walk up to them and smile and say, "Hey, how are you?" and then they look at you like you're the biggest asshole on earth. It's sweet.

6:02: Vince Young is on stage handing Bun B a relief check for $2,000. That's a good look.

6:02:30: I just remembered that it wasn't too long ago that Vince Young had gone completely cuckoo. Somebody should tell Bun to check that check carefully. He's going to be embarrassed if he hands it to a bank teller and she hands it back because Vince just drew a bunch of ducks on it.

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Shea Serrano