Aftermath: Clutch at House of Blues

If you ever wondered what might have happened if James Brown and Audioslave had a baby, you should have been at House of Blues Wednesday night. You might only be wondering this if you are a member of the male gender, because - with a few exceptions at the almost-full venue - Wednesday proved quite the sausage party as well. But in a week when ZZ Top has already been haunting Aftermath's dreams, and Led Zeppelin always is, Clutch was exactly what we needed to hear.

Aftermath has seen Clutch, who formed in the Maryland suburbs of Washington, D.C. in 1991, several times over the years, but to this day we can't name one single song title off the top of our heads. Who cares? Clutch plays boilerplate bluesy hard rock with some serious rhythm. Nearly every song Wednesday reached a point where it could have become a full-on drum-circle jam - and a couple pretty much did - but the band always snatched it back from the brink with some metal that would make you slap yo mama. Relentless and visceral. A sweaty party band for a sweaty party crowd. The kind of night someone could get in trouble... if they weren't so "well-behaved."

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