Aftermath: Dave Rask Tribute at Avant Garden

Last night, the friends and family of Dave Rask came out in droves to honor and remember their friend. The mood was a somber, yet happy one as his closest associates sat in the courtyard of Montrose's Avant Garden to kick back a few beers in night heat and reminisce about Rask.

AG was one of Rask's favorite places to congregate and perform, and the venue was a fitting one for last night's benefit for his family. There was a small bake sale, items for raffle, and a cake that was designed with one of Rask's own paintings on top. Upstairs in the venue, one could view many of Rask's paintings that had been placed on the walls.

Two of Rask's closest allies, Will Yonley and Ferrick Hallaron performed a quick set of acoustic songs when we showed up. Both men had been in bands with Rask, included Midnight Pilots, which Yonley fronted. The set also included the vocal debut of Hallaron, a local drummer. He sang a song that Rask had written about Audrey Hepburn in a deep and reedy rasp, not too bad for a rookie.

The event was truly one for the people that patronized Rask's art and music along the way. The night showed that this man was crazy beloved and will not be replaced. We are thankful to have his words and tunes to remind us indefinitely of the figure that Houston lost this summer.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.