Aftermath: Dwight Yoakam at Arena Theatre

Inside the pocket of the Arena Towers, you'll find several hundred very happy Dwight Yoakam fans. Or you would have Saturday night, when the Hollywood hillbilly and his five-piece band entertained (to put it mildly) for two and a half solid hours Saturday night. We lost count - we've still got a few kinks to work out in this whole "no notebook" style of reviewing we've been trying lately - but they must have played at least 40 songs, spanning Yoakam's entire career from his first EP (a T.Rex-ified version of Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire") through his most recent albums Blame the Vain and Buck Owens tribute Dwight Sings Buck.

Besides covering, convincingly, Gordon Lightfoot ("Sundown") and the Bee Gees ("To Love Somebody"), Yoakam even stopped "Streets of Bakersfield" to adjust the jailhouse line "spent some time in San Francisco" to "spent some time down there in Houston..." Aftermath has other pressing business to attend to at the moment, but we'll revisit the show in further detail a little later on today. Y'all come back now, y'hear?

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