Aftermath: Eagles of Death Metal at Meridian


EODM came onstage leading with their hips, slinging guitars like Vikings celebrating a battle. Lead singer Jesse "The Devil" Hughes looks like every man with a girlfriend's worst nightmare, wielding a decadently-coiffed moustache and poured into a pair of women's Levis ready to slip off rings and whisper unthinkable things.

They opened with the lead track from 2004's Peace, Love, and Death Metal, "I Only Want You." It's the kind of record Little Richard would have made if he was raised on the New York Dolls. They pulled out a few nuggets from the latest release Heart On. The stand-out was the title track, with the line "What good's a heart if it ain't on your sleeve?" which proves that even leather-booted boys have hearts too.

From then on, they made us sweat, they made us scream. They never wavered in wanting the crowd, especially the ladies, to have fun. It's lecherous and shameful, and may smell like a bucket of industrial-strength sleaze. But damned if they didn't cover the Rolling Stones' "Brown Sugar" as their closer. You gotta get behind that. - Craig Hlavaty


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