Aftermath: Everclear's Perfect Soundtrack to Imperfection at House of Blues

While heading out of the House of Blues for some air, Aftermath and Mrs. Aftermath shared an elevator with Saturday's opener, Clayton Senne. Previously, we sat through his electric organ driven pop/soul act with annoyance and irritation. At the time, we found his banter condescending and bass-heavy backing band a little too desperate to get the legendary languid Houston concertgoers dancing. The sheer talent of the man and his two partners in the rock dream was, admittedly, undeniable, but at the time all we could think about was that some jackass playing a Stevie Wonder cover was keeping us from the main event.

But after exchanging niceties and small talk with the sweaty, but brilliantly smiling, Clayton, we watched him haul his gear through the busy downtown streets into the van and trailer his band had parked behind Everclear's futuristic tour bus of Star Wars proportions. Seeing the keyboard player schlepping caused us to re-evaluate what we had seen him do, and we mentally replayed his set in the dollar-store iPod that serves as our brain.

With the hard-working and humanized version of the rock star now in front of me, we saw that I had judged a little harshly. How could we have possibly been annoyed with such a tight trio of ousters? And Senne's voice, husky but clear as bell, could literally ride his Ray Manzarek organ lines right out into the audience and rain in their booze. They had an autograph book for the audience to sign, for the love of Odin's left nut.

If that doesn't speak of people living only to love the life they're living then nothing does. It was, in two words, freakin' awesome, and we were just too much of a bitter little troll to see. Next time, guys, we'll do it right.

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