Aftermath: Flogging Molly's Celtic-Punk Puppet Show at House of Blues

Aftermath tuned up for Flogging Molly Wednesday night with a Jameson on the rocks and Steve Earle's "The Galway Girl" on our iPod. One of those should be obvious. As for the other, we needed the whiskey because it was kind of a long day at the office.

A few weeks back, Earle mentioned on his "Hardcore Troubador" Sirius/XM show that "Galway" is one of the few songs written by a Yank that Irish musicians (Sharon Shannon, for example) have adopted as their own. Flogging Molly, meanwhile, is an L.A. band that's become popular by dressing up music born in both the U.S. and UK, i.e. punk rock, in shamrocks and shillelaghs.

In front of a rafter-packed House of Blues crowd that made most Mardi Gras gatherings look tame, Molly hit all its marks Tuesday night. In fact, the band hit them so well that at times they came across more as puppeteers than punk rockers. Luckily Dave King, Dublin expat and former heavy-metal singer, is an excellent ringleader behind either mask.

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