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Aftermath: George Thorogood's Raucous Rock Party Destroys House of Blues

Since we have long since moved into a digital age of music journalism, Aftermath now takes notes on his cellphone or loads his thoughts onto Twitter. Sifting through our pecking from last night's George Thorogood and the Destroyers show at the House of Blues, we noticed that we described the band leader as "pretty much just Mick Jagger with a guitar," along with notes on a few certain aspects of the older female crowd.

We could also tell we were having the time of our damned lives. It's been a long time since we danced at a show, or we know most every word to each song and could play air guitar next to a guy old enough to be our grandfather, but that's what George Thorogood and his Delaware convicts did last night. There is something to be said about a raunchy saxophone solo and a blues-picking lead singer leering at the crowd doing the duck walk.

From song one, "Rock Party," Thorogood held the audience captivated for nearly an hour and a half of riffs, teeth and come-ons. He also had one of the biggest lighting and video rigs we had ever seen, at least for an older blues-rock cat. We didn't expect for him to have eight huge spotlights and two LED screens to his left and right. When we saw that walking into the HOB, our heart twitched.

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Craig Hlavaty
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