Aftermath: Goodie Mob at House of Blues, With a Completely Unexpected Bun B Cameo

9:25 p.m.: Standing in line to pick up tickets with the photographer, Bun B happens to walk up right behind us. (The Bun B Law of Inevitability is infallible.) I turn around and tell him hello and that we've spoken on the time several times and met briefly backstage at the T-Pain concert. He pretends to remember who I am. Then I remark "Man, I see you everywhere I go." To which he responds, "I try to get out."

Now, in my head, the way this works is I explain to him to the principles of The Bun B Law of Inevitability, he laughs, we make small talk about Haiti and Pat Robertson and become fast friends. Then, smitten by charm, he lets me do a verse on his next album. In my head, I'm super smooth. I'm Enrique Iglesias Jr. in "Hero." In real life though, I suck. So all is say back is "...yep" and then turn around.

9:30: The lights have gone off in here and the crowd, still a little then at the moment, begins to push in. Goodie Mob wanders out one by one towards the front of the stage to the Rocky theme. Nobody is dressed in fishnets, nor is anybody wearing a wig. Kinda disappointing.

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Shea Serrano