Classic Rock Corner

Aftermath: Jackson Browne Doesn't Do "Rehab Versions," Does Do "Free Bird" at Verizon

Aftermath is a child of the 70's, graduating from high school during our country's bicentennial year. The last half of that decade, our patron saint of teen angst was Jackson Browne - even in our punk-rock heyday, Jackson was our go-to guy when we really wanted to brood.

His first five records remain some of our favorite music on the planet, and we looked forward to reliving some memories at the Verizon. When we found our seat and realized we were sitting directly behind Larry Dierker (the greatest Astro), we knew it was going to be a special night.

Jackson ambled on with no fanfare about 7:35 p.m., sat down, plugged in his guitar and launched into one his better later songs, "Barricades of Heaven." This guy looks 10 years younger than us and we're 10 years younger than he is! We suspect ol' Scratch may be involved, even though Browne's activism and his exhortations during the first set to do various right things point to him working for the good guys. His voice shows a bit more age than his face. There's a huskiness there that wasn't there before, but it mellowed a bit as he got warmed up.

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Greg Ellis