Aftermath: Jenny Lewis at Warehouse Live

Before a crowd of five or six hundred, Jenny Lewis took Warehouse Live by storm Wednesday night with an hour and half set that included a surprise acoustic encore in the midst of the crowd. Lewis powered through virtually her entire solo catalog as well as a crowd-pleasing Rilo Kiley tidbit before surprising the crowd with her "Acid Tongue," which hushed the entire hall. If safety laws didn't prohibit it, I'm sure hundreds of Bic lighters would have flicked for this kum-ba-yah moment. The only faux pas of the evening came from rhythm guitarist Johnathan Rice, who chastised the crowd for not being "as cool as Austin" when Lewis aborted one of her quieter numbers due to crowd chatter. Pretty bush-league. But Lewis bounced back and finished strong. Overall, a very impressive show from a killer band with a lot of showbiz savvy.

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