Aftermath: John Mayer, Chastened And Bubble-Bath Calm At Toyota Center

At one point midway through his set Saturday night at Toyota Center, John Mayer told us to all imagine that we were watching VH-1 Classic so he could adequately interpolate Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" into his new "Half Of My Heart" with less guilt involved. A little known fact about the Journey song is that there is in fact no such thing as South Detroit; in effect, South Detroit is Windsor, Ontario, Canada. But you try explaining that to a "Whoo!"-screaming girl while Mayer is onstage making sex faces at his guitar.

For the rest of the night, that audience-performer exchange made us wonder exactly what the future holds for an artist like John Mayer when his female fans grow up and move on. Will he have his own VH-1 Classic moment in two decades, when older gals will sing "No Such Thing" at the top of their lungs folding clothes on the couch or will he go the way of say, Christopher Cross, and become another pop-culture punchline?

Personally, we are aiming for Dan Fogelberg. For him, not us.

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Craig Hlavaty
Contact: Craig Hlavaty