Aftermath: Lighten Up, It's Just Blink-182 at Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion

The thing that Aftermath always dug about Blink-182 when everyone else was slagging them for being a corporate pop-punk band was that they inherently didn't give a good flying diamond-encrusted shit about the cred sweepstakes. This parlor game that self-appointed punk magistrates play has never sat well with us.

No one else has the salt to sing one of Blink's biggest hits with alternate scatologically incestuous lyrics about sons screwing mothers with feces. And maybe that's why Aftermath knows every lyric to every song and every single breakdown in Blink-182's rich catalog, which they pretty much ran through last night in front of a sold-out crowd of screaming teens and nostalgia-tripping twentysomethings. Every now and then you need to grab a populist Snickers in the midst of the indie organic tofu freak-out that we all find ourselves in from time to time.

For nearly two hours, Tom DeLonge and Mark Hoppus, along with modern-day drumming Jedi master Travis Barker played every hit that made them either the pariahs or the saviors of the rock world. That's depending on who you ask and to what degree they have their indie and mature NO FUN blinders on.

How someone can sit through "What's My Age Again?" and not crack a smile is beyond Aftermath. Who cares if the frat dudes behind you are spilling more beer than they are ingesting? Aftermath says "fuck 'em." You make your own experience. Let them bloat, puke and pass out at Denny's. We're here for a different reason anyway.

Blink's older material from their first four albums seemed disjointed from the work off their last original self-titled release from 2003. If anything, it showcases that the band was heading in a strange Cure-ish direction when it broke up in 2005.

We hope they pick it up again soon, because "I Miss You" is the kind of track that Robert Smith would sell his soul to have written. But then again, if it's time for dick and vagina jokes, then so be it.

Ever heard the one about the minister, the rabbi, and the Penthouse Pet? So anyway, the minister says to the rabbi...

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Craig Hlavaty
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