Aftermath: Local Trifecta Shreds a Super Bowl Sunday Scout Bar

Reasons to see The Last Place You Look live:

  • They put on a hell of a show.
  • They were named 2009's best alternative band in Texas by 94.5 The Buzz.
  • They're actually really nice guys.
Sunday night, at a post-Super Bowl party hosted by Scout Bar and A.D. of The Buzz, Floorbound, From Guts to Glory and The Last Place You Look satiated the crowd while leaving us wanting more. And our ears are still ringing.

Before each band's performance, A.D. commended the XLIV Super Bowl champions the New Orleans Saints lauded the vanquished Indianapolis Colts for a game hard-fought, and reminded the crowd that the Minnesota Vikings were supposed to win all along. The response to which proved surprisingly favorable of Minnesota. How many northerners do we have here? Maybe they were just Brett Favre fans. Then again, who isn't?

Sadly, Floorbound's heavy, melodic pop set went underappreciated, if for no other reason than the low number of people who were there at the beginning of the show - and From Guts to Glory, who The Buzz named 2009's best rock band in Texas, performed with similar intensity.

By the time, TLPYL took the stage, the venue was packed.

Video by Matthew Keever; click here for another

TLPYL lead singer Nava made a point to thank Floorbound and From Guts to Glory for their performances, as well as applaud those in the crowd who had been there from the start of the show. Obviously, TLPYL wants to promote their own music, but they're also interested in endorsing other local bands. And for good reason - other band's personnel can make good last-minute substitutions.

One of TLPYL's guitarists, Richard Sherwood, couldn't make it to the show, so Floorbound's lead singer/guitarist, Keith Sparks, filled in. Even though he was admittedly drunk, he put on a good show and, minus a few guitar solos not quite matching up with TLPYL's album See the Light Inside You, the gig went off without a hitch.

Andy Moth beat his drums to a pulp, Kevin Pool's bass boomed, Derek Young shredded his guitar and both Nava and Pool's vocals reverberated throughout the crowded bar. One inebriated, overzealous fan ruined a lot of our pictures and videos, but we still had a good time. And we can't deny that we were singing along to quite a few of the band's songs.

This heavy strain of Texas music, while undeniably up-and-coming, still seems relatively unknown outside the niche audiences that comprise these bands' fan bases. We need to start paying attention before these guys blow up and we all regret not making it to their shows when they were free, or cheap enough where the bands are still more than happy to mingle with their fans.

And if you're still hung up on the length of the drive to Scout Bar, we promise it's worthwhile. We also think it's pretty cool that you can smoke inside, but that's just us.

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