Aftermath: Old Reliable, Alan Jackson Makes Reliant Stadium His Backyard

Tuesday night wasn't Alan Jackson's first Rodeo. It was actually his astounding 18th appearance on the trademark revolving stage at the annual carnival of steers, beers and... barbecue off Kirby. As his rodeo career officially turned legal, the man turned in a solidly in-the-pocket performance and managed to remind us what country used to look like.

Alan Jackson comes from a time after George Strait's rise and right before the Garth Age, when you could still get away with modesty and on the merit of your tunes rather than pandering to fads or, worse yet, watering down your sound to fit a radio playlist. Jackson's career is as sturdy and well-built as any pickup truck rolling off the line from Dearborn in the '60s and just as dependable.

Country stars of Jackson's era are getting better as they age. These guys aren't slowing down, and their albums are getting progressively more grizzled. They don't shop much out either; Jackson wrote the entirety of his last studio album, Good Time. Sadly, that feat has become a rarity in modern country in the last decade.

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Craig Hlavaty
Contact: Craig Hlavaty