Aftermath: Pine Leaf Boys at the Continental Club

Rocks Off is not exactly sure how to review a band like the Pine Leaf Boys. Cajun music, a series of two-steps and waltzes porous enough for liberal amounts of blues and country to seep in, is kind of critic-proof. For one thing, it's in French, although we're guessing there was a song or two in there about some poor bastard's woman leaving him high and dry (unlike the South Louisiana weather). Also, if it's done right, it's a little hard to stand still long enough to take notes. The Pine Leaf Boys definitely did it right. Spinning on the twin axes of fiddle and accordion, the young Lafayette band kept the Continental's dance floor hopping throughout their set. Rocks Off even did a jig or two before we went out to the patio bar to shoot craps. Really, take a look at the pictures of the dancers after the jump. They pretty much say it all.

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