Aftermath: Samantha Ronson at Rich's

She wasn't there. Yeah, I know why you clicked this headline. Lindsay Lohan was not at Rich's last night with her ladyfriend DJ, Samantha Ronson. Sorry, we had to get that out of the way.

Last night at Rich's, all manner of celebrity-stalking, Perez-reading, catty-hating denizens were out in brute force to get as close as they could to the world's most famous girlfriend. Ronson came on a little after midnight and was delayed about 30 minutes due to technical issues.

You honestly can't imagine how intricate a DJ setup is these days. Not that Aftermath was some sort of wizard on the decks back in the day, but now it looks like you need at least a Mac Book and a shit-ton of wires, with the turntables almost as an afterthought. What was funny was that the crowd didn't even realize Ronson wasn't spinning until she had been onstage a good half-hour. 

Even the two young Marines on leave in the middle of the dance floor were bobbing their jarheads in time. What struck me was how normal Ronson was. She's short and very plain, almost like Winona Ryder driving up to the gas station for cigarettes on a Sunday afternoon. She's been thrust into some sort of tabloid bullshit maze of cameras and bloodsuckers in neon shades that you feel bad for even looking at a magazine cover and contributing in some way.

At one point, she was feverishly texting on her phone, I'm sure to Lindsay. Each time she picked up her phone, the crowd swelled. Later on, I saw her sneaking a cigarette under her mixing deck, Marlboro Red shorts, those tiny ones for the quick smokers. It was like a stolen moment of reality, while she was surrounded by anything but.

And a few blocks away at Hotel ZaZa, there were probably a gaggle of paparazzi waiting for in a back alley for her to come back to her chick. - Craig Hlavaty

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.