Aftermath: The Fiery Furnaces' Indie-Rock Orobouros Is Nearly Too Meta for Walter's

[Ed. Note: An orobouros is the mythological image of a snake eating its own tail. Look it up.]

The narrative arc of the meta - yes, the meta has a narrative arc; wanna fight? - has officially been fucked with, and the audience it once had is now like; seriously, what's going on here, are they messing with us?

Here's what the narrative used to look like: Band X releases a record, the record is good; great, even. Band X does the junket, Pitchfork loves them, band releases another record (esoteric, hard to like perhaps, but progressive and polysyllabic), die-hards stay with them. Three years pass with the touring and then the not touring, band X contributes a song to a covers album (most likely a Daniel Johnston tribute) and most people say they remember them when.

Two more years pass, band X is kinda-sorta forgotten about and then, finally, they hit the festival circuit (if they're small enough, they'll play SXSW, but free day shows only) and once again become relevant, and their fans say they never forgot. That's it, and that's always it.


Fiery Furnaces on the other hand, couldn't give a shit.

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Brandon K. Hernsberger