Aftermath: We Were Wolves and Satin Hooks, Born to Be Wild at the Mink

It's been false-starting for a couple of years, but that grunge revival may be right around the corner - if it ever went anywhere in the first place. Beaumont's We Were Wolves plugged into the Mudhoney machine at the Mink Tuesday night, crafting sludgy sheets of guitar noise to contend with screamed and howled vocals over sledgehammer bass and drums. Then they won us over forever with a completely unironic and totally groovy cover of Steppenwolf's "Born to Be Wild." It's like Woodstock was, like, last week or something. The quartet, which is co-hosting a two-day festival of Beaumont bands at the former Scout Bar September 11 and 12, has the heavy-metal thunder part down (Rage, Misfits, Queens, etc.), but they might want to work on their love songs. Nothing wrong with a title like "(I Know) You Think I'm an Asshole" - although they never would have said that to Pablo Picasso - but if you're going to call a song "She Loves It," it's always a good idea to have at least one or two actual females in the audience.

It was nice to see Houston's Satin Hooks, who have been lying low while breaking in a new bass player, cranking the turbines again. The trio's static-clouded riffs heralded the 20th anniversary of Nirvana's Bleach, with jittery rhythms that twisted back and forth on themselves but never got bound up. Once or twice a stray shaft of pop sunlight poked its way through, reflecting Kings of Leon through a scuffed and cracked mirror. Even after closer "One More Time" stuck its toes in X's classic-punk murder ballad "Johnny Hit & Run Pauline," the Hooks were easily the evening's better date band.

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