Aftermath: World Traveler Henry Rollins' Three-Hour Discourse On Topics Far And Wide

Once most people make their last bow out of the full-time music scene, they wallow off into a corner somewhere, a shell of their former glory and sulking that the industry didn't come with them. The better of them leave the game after achieving all that they wanted and go back out into the world to strike out anew.

Henry Rollins has been doing that for the past decade, even while people will bemoan the fact that he no longer sees the need to put on his little black shorts and sing "Liar," Rollins instead has chosen to get his doctorate in world travel while other punk legends his age stay in country and continue to slog it out touring behind 30-year old songs that may not even apply to them anymore.

His public-speaking tours, like the one that stopped at House Of Blues Tuesday night, prove that Rollins can still captivate an audience with just his words and presence. The man just needs a stage and mike, which he still thankfully holds in his trademark style, with the cord wrapped through his knuckles while he stands in his old Black Flag battle stance.

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Craig Hlavaty
Contact: Craig Hlavaty