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Akinyele Puts His Money in Lollypops: This Week in the Music Biz

A great week for chest-thumping and big moneymaking. Pop the hood for the goods.


In news likely to make you hate your job, '90s also-ran Akinyele says he's bagging millions from his new strip club joint. Akinyele is famous for the potty-mouthed anthem "Put it in Your Mouth." While subsequent projects flopped, the Queens rapper may have found his true calling.

Ak and his business partners, Cliff Dutton and Jay, launched a strip club called Lollypops in Las Vegas. And the rapper issued a press release claiming that they raked in $5 million in one week.

How exactly do you make that much in one week?

For starters, Lollypops opened on the weekend of Mayweather vs. Cotto. "We decided to officially launch Lollypops and align ourselves during the Mayweather vs. Cotto fight weekend and I can proudly say there are now two winners," Akinyele told Allhiphop.

It also helps that Lollypops is always open. Says Ak: "We've been thrilled and amazed to see lines of both men and women still coming at 8 a.m. and this has been every single night, better yet morning I should say, over the past 10 days."

Finally, Ak seems to be relying on his hip-hop clout to pull in some big spenders. DJ Whoo Kid hosted that Mayweather v. Cotto fight viewing party and afterparty. DJ Cannon spins there from time to time. And I haven't checked out WorldStarHipHop lately, so I couldn't tell you how many rappers have been making it rain at the club.

Then again, this stuff only makes sense if you believe Ak's figures. I don't. Besides, Lollypops is already drawing backlash from its patrons. A reader commenting on Allhiphop described it as "tacky."

"I went to that hole in the wall," writes commenter The Terrestriall, "and it was and old motorcycle club at the edge of town before that it twas another strip club that got shut down! Not only was it tacky didnt even redecorate the spot! Had the nerve to try and charge me 20$ to park in the parking lot! Do we see a pattern here?"


Genius lyricist he is not, but Diddy's verse on "Same Damn Time" remix is straight pistachios, B.

Sample Lyrics:

Boy your money and my money ain't the same damn kind I can live your life and my life at the same damn time See my riding out money that's yo' "buy yo' house" money I got that "I can build a mall right by your house" money

Diddy murked that track. Diddy wrecked dat hoe (word to @EZACCESS). Diddy bodied that track, brought it back to life and bodied it again.

And he did that on a song where Ludacris is rapping his heinie off. Blogger Karen Civil tweeted that only Diddy can make you "feel rich and poor at the same time." It earned a quotable on Twitter and Smoking Section at the same damn time.

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