Alamo Drafthouse Singalongs Bring '80s Music Videos to Big Screen

The Alamo Drafthouse people are known for bringing you great movies and TV to their big-screens every week. Plus, the "coolest movie theater in the world" serves booze, which is never a bad thing, and their "no talking or texting" rules are even better.

With locations coast to coast, the Austin-based theater chain is more than thriving. A new location at Vintage Park in far northwest Houston is coming later in February.

Next Thursday night at 7:30 p.m., the theater is throwing a Totally '80s Sing-Along on one of their big screens, showing classic MTV videos for (hopefully) screaming fans in legwarmers and Members Only jackets.

One week later, on February 7, is the Love Bites Sing-Along featuring -- you guessed it -- only the most heart-shaking power ballads ever known to man or woman. Journey, Bon Jovi, The Bangles, Def Leppard, and Meat Loaf will all be present and accounted for, at least onscreen.

These singalongs run around two hours. I am sure if you scream long and loud enough, there will be an encore.

Here is hoping a '90s Night is in the offing. I haven't seen the Spice Girls on the big screen in 15 years.

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