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Alisha Pattillo Isn't Hurting for Gigs These Days

There's at least a 66 percent chance that Alisha Pattillo is awake right now. And, if she is, she's probably doing something to advance her music career.

Pattillo is the ultra-active jazz saxophonist who leads Alisha's Quartet and runs the Thursday Jam Session at Dan Electro's with her friend, Erin Wright. She's a Rocks Off 200 alumna and go-getter who regularly gigs with artists in and outside of her chosen genre. Her latest project is Billabong Island Sound, a joint venture with musician and engineer Roger Tausz.

"I'm busy, but there are plenty of hours in a day," she assures us. "I'm a sleeping queen -- I need my eight hours. If I get less, I'm not very pleasant to be around. But once I'm up, it's go time."

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