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All the Houston References On Drake's Nothing Was the Same

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With that, we open up our NWTS lyric sheet to read every major Houston reference like a seance. Trust us, it goes way beyond "Connect" on these parts.

SONG: "FROM TIME" 1. "Thinkin' bout Texas/ Back when Porsche used to work at Treasures"

Before it started losing its luster thanks to police raids, stories of prostitution and drugs, and so on, Treasures was a pretty popular Westheimer strip club on the Westheimer strip, a few minutes away from the Galleria. We all know our share of Porsche's though, some strip, some go to college and make something of themselves.

While we've never been inside Treasures, we know for damn sure something went on in there to make it a weekly topic on the local news. Oh, if you were using your "Drake Loves Strippers" drinking game there, take a shot.

2. "Or further back than that/ Before I had the Houston leverage"

Let's take it back to 2008, shall we? A year before So Far Gone changed the course of his life, Drake was pretty much like any other rapper -- a kid who wanted to be heard and taken seriously. So, strippers are probably the safest people to having judge-free conversations with, due to the fact that they, well, bare everything on a near-nightly basis.

Three songs into his conversation with Porsche, Drake immediately realizes she may not have his best interests at heart when she says he'll never be bigger than Trey Songz. Come a long way from "Replacement Girl," haven't we?

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