All the Places to See Elvis Presley's Ghost

Note: Rocks Off brings you this article about former U.S. Army Sgt. Elvis A. Presley in honor of the King and all his fellow servicemen and women, past and present. Happy Veteran's Day.

You're unlikely to have anyone bother with your ghost after you die. The most us regular folks can hope for usually is that we may stick around our old house for a while making cold spots. Maybe if you're unlucky enough to die in a noteworthy or particularly violent way you might end up haunting your murder sight or something.

As with everything else, though, celebrities exist in a realm above our own. Marilyn Monroe, for instance, is reported to haunt at least half a dozen places. Elvis gets around as a specter just as well as he did touring the country while alive. So where can you spot the ghost of the King of Rock and Roll?

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