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All the Rappers Who Will Be Here All-Star Weekend, Part 1

Two days ago, a complete stranger calmly approached me at the airport. Her demeanor was kind, she didn't have any noticeable body odor and gave off a friendly vibe. I smirked before she started the painstaking task of carrying out small talk.

"Hey, are you from here?" she asked. My brain wanted my mouth to utter a crude and succinct reply to send her packing, but my heart ended up saying, "Yes, yes I am."

"Do you know when All-Star Weekend is here?"

She obviously knew when it was and I was hoping I didn't look like a complete fool. Her eyes were slightly drained, her jaw contorted hoping for my reply to seem foolish and I muttered with delight, "Yes, it falls on Valentine's Day, prepare to be single."

She laughed. I was serious. Because All-Star Weekend is not for couples.

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