All Young Rapper Sevon Wants Is "Everything," and That's Okay

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It's never fun to be the new guy in the room.

That's what Seven "Sevon" Davis is currently experiencing. He's a soul-patched 20-year-old with large round eyes and a wide smile. His hair rests in a manicured stasis not exceeding maybe four inches off the top of his head. His voice is thin, nowhere near big enough to hold a baritone but registers a bit above a common whisper. He speaks assuredly, but not with a ton of bombast. Why on God's green earth is a relative kid having to sit backstage while Devin Tha Dude, fresh off another blunt rolled and chilled brew, performs?

Because that kid opened for him.

"That's what he does the moment he gets offstage," Sevon says by phone. "I don't mind it. It's pretty much all learning experience."

The experience he speaks of is opening up for the venerable and quixotic Dude on Devin's latest tour, this time a minor swing through West Texas. Nights one and two brought the two of them through El Paso and Lubbock, with El Paso offering more than its fair share of problems.

"It was sound issues," Sevon says. "I got booed pretty badly, but it's better that they're booing now than later."

He bounced back rather easily in Lubbock. The tour, dubbed "The Texas Tour" for obvious reasons, has five more dates lined up through the finale in Austin this Sunday..

Sevon's Twitter profile remains a noticeable mix of quips about the tour ("I learned some OG smoker shit from @DevinDude420 within 2 minutes of meeting him"), Houston rap ("The Houston music scene is lowkey crazy") and promo for his mixtape Lightshow, which was released in late July. That and a penchant for smoking every now and then -- a luxury with being on tour with the Texas OG easily affords.

"I started rapping when I was 13," he says, recanting the days he would used the cracked version of audio software off of YouTube just to record. "I didn't really get serious about it until 17. Before then it was a lot of stops and starts."

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When he raps, it's in the conventional sense of wanting more than you already have. Of boasts and bragging. Yet in moments like his "Everything" video with Houston mainstay Propain, he comes off like Preston Meyers in Blank Check:shocked, appreciative and willfully enjoying the ride. "I was just listening to different beats, writing and then the label told me, 'Hey, we're getting Propain on this record,'" he says of the origin of "Everything". "I was like, cool! I really liked how the record came out and how everybody's been showing support for it."

The label, Rapture Recordz, is a bloodline for the young rapper. His mother is the CEO and has been since its inception in 2001.

"She gives me free reign musically," he laughs. "But other than that it's your typical mother/son relationship."

There are no moments of tough love except when it comes to treating his career as just that, and if he cites Lil Wayne, Childish Gambino and Lil B as inspirations, then he knows he's going to have to be serious about it all the time, not just in regards to making music.

He's hopeful that Lightshow which is Rapture's main priority at the moment, moves enough people since it's his third official mixtape but first where he's the solo performer. It arrives with 14-tracks and outside of the Propain feature, only Sevon's tourmate Devin makes an appearance. Everything else?


And he's enjoying that.

Download Sevon's Lightshow mixtape here. He opens for Devin The Dude at Scout Bar tonight. Doors open at 8 p.m.

Brando writes about Houston music to death, right here and as editor-in-chief of dayandadream.com. Follow him on Twitter: @_brandoc.


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