Alle Norton

Seventeen-year-old Alle Norton is what novelists call "a wisp of a girl." Petite and slim, she's like an Olsen twin with a great haircut, but one who can sing. Norton picked up the guitar five years ago and, after teaching herself to play, promptly began writing songs. Now, with demo in tow, she's making the rounds at local coffeehouses. Norton dropped by the Houston Press offices for a chat and some Stupid Human Tricks.

Houston Press: Tell us about your musical style. What do you sound like?

Norton: I don't know how to describe my sound -- almost folky, I guess. I would say it's very simplistic, minimalistic type stuff.


Alle Norton

HP: Is there an artist that you sound like?

Norton: Jenny Lewis is pretty close.

HP: Who do you wish you sounded more like?

Norton: Prince.

HP: What's a song you wish you had written?

Norton: "Oh, Sweet Nothing" by the Velvet Underground.

HP: What's a song you wish nobody had written?

Norton: Anything by Kevin Federline.

HP: What's the best thing about your gig?

Norton: Getting to share with people, getting to know new people.

HP: What's the worst thing about your gig?

Norton: I get shy sometimes. I know, doing music and being shy don't exactly go together well, but I can get shy.

HP: Describe what it feels like onstage.

Norton: Being onstage is like falling off of the moon and getting picked up in a flying pirate ship.

HP: What's your biggest gripe about the music industry?

Norton: There's a lot of music out there that isn't heartfelt, it's just written to make money. I don't like the fakeness of it all.

HP: How many guys have you picked up with the line, "Hi, I'm a musician?"

Norton: Guys love girls that play guitar, so quite a few. Probably 42.

HP: Who would play you if there was a movie about your life?

Norton: Courtney Love.

HP: Any costars?

Norton: Annette Bening would be my mom.

HP: Give us a random factoid about yourself.

Norton: I can blow bubbles with my wrist. (She presses a finger down on the inside of her wrist and a bubble immediately forms.)

HP: That is very cool!

Norton: Thanks.

HP: Football or foosball?

Norton: Foosball.

HP: Bert or Ernie?

Norton: Bert.

HP: Who would you rather marry, RuPaul or Ronald Reagan?

Norton: RuPaul.

HP: What do you hope nobody ever knows about you?

Norton: Do I really want to answer that? (Laughs.)

HP: What do you hope for when you're writing music?

Norton: I hope to create something that other people will fall in love with.

HP: Where can people find you online?

Norton: Myspace.com/allenorton music.

Alle Norton performs Thursday, April 12, at Super Happy Fun Land, 2610 Ashland Street, 713-880-2100.

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