Alligator Dave and the Couch Band

Looks like? A random assortment of frat boys, led by the unfortunately dreadlocked, self-styled "Gulf Coast Honky," who probably was the rest of the band's weed hook-up in college.

Sounds like? Scatological Southern rock meets fake funk, or pretty much exactly what you'd expect, based on a description of their appearance.

Sample song titles? "Pussa Pussa," "Ass Factory," "Spank My Monkey," "The Panty Invasion Tour," "Eager Beaver," "Purple Headed Warrior."

Sample lyrics? "Purple headed warrior / Woman destroyer / I'm about to need a lawyer to tell you what she said! / She said, go on now, bend me over / Take that Range Rover of yours, and park it on my ass," from, you guessed it, "Purple Headed Warrior." (That Dave, quite the feminist.)

Celebrity fan? Dallas Mavs boss Mark Cuban, spotted in the audience eating it up at a recent DFW gig. (True story: At said show, Cuban was initially denied entrance after being told that saying, "Don't you know who I am?" was not actually the night's cover charge.)

Where can you find them? Headlining at most of the clubs in Dallas and occasionally Houston; smoking out on a regular basis; trying to find new and inventive euphemisms for genitalia and/or getting it on.

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Zac Crain