Ally ASL Goes National Via ABC News, Yahoo!

Rocks Off is a modest sort of music blog. We generally need both of our arms for typing, so we don't want to risk breaking one of them patting ourselves on the back. But once in a while, through hard work, dumb luck or (most often) some combination of the two, we push over the first domino in what turns out to be a very big deal indeed.

And so it is our distinct pleasure to tell you that Allyson Townsend, aka Ally ASL, whom Rocks Off's Jef With One F first discovered translating Ke(Dollar Sign)ha's "Tik Tok" into American Sign Language last June, and then followed as her videos were first removed and then reinstated by YouTube, was named ABC News' "Person of the Week" on this past Friday's edition of World News Tonight.

The segment was originally scheduled to air in December, but got bumped for a Santa Claus impersonator deputy who actually slides down chimneys.

Ally recounted her progression from signing Sixpence None the Richer's "Kiss Me" for a teenage friend to more than 15,000 YouTube followers to ABC's Sharyn Alfonsi, explaining that "you're setting up a storyboard in the air."

World News anchor Diane Sawyer said that Ally has received her sign-language certificate and would like to be one of those people you see on the side of the stage at festivals signing for the crowd. Rocks Off thinks the Austin City Limits Music Festival would be foolish not to hire her.

Another story on Ally was a featured article on Yahoo.com over the weekend.

Jef With One F says Ally told him it was our coverage that brought her to ABC's attention. So congratulations, Ally. Rocks Off is proud to have played a part, however large or small, in bringing your story to the world.

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