Amanda Palmer

Amanda Palmer, best known as front woman of The Dresden Dolls, is flying solo these days. Touring in support of 2008's Who Killed Amanda Palmer, she's incorporated into her punk-cabaret aesthetic additional shenanigans such as ukulele ballads, dramatization by The Danger Ensemble and rare but titillating techno-infused striptease. Never a dull moment from a woman some people would have you believe is actually dead. Yes, it's true — a mysterious character, known only as "The Stranger," has seeded the Internet with clues that point to the murderer of the "late" Ms. Palmer. Also forthcoming is a book of photos, created in collaboration with graphic novelist Neil Gaiman, that depict Palmer in various unfortunate (and fatal) circumstances. Despite her alleged death, Palmer remains an undeniably watchable live performer — her onstage presence, dark-humored lyrics and unique piano attack all sufficiently overshadow any trappings beyond the River Styx.

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