Amazon's AutoRip Features Delivers MP3s to Vinyl Shoppers

If you have been shopping for vinyl on the Amazon site, you may have noticed the AutoRip logo. No, it is not Amazon making light of late-night purchases splitting your wallet at the seams. It's actually something very cool.

The digital retailer is touting the further expansion of its music-delivery service, which already makes digital copies of the albums you buy available to you at no cost after purchase. The service has now expanded farther out into vinyl albums.

Amazon says that any vinyl album with the "AutoRip" logo will come with a digital copy for you to presumably jam to while the physical copy is in transit to your doorstep; this also applies to selected used and vintage vinyl.

In addition, Amazon also says that you can snag digital copies of most albums you have purchased on the site since 1998. Good on you if you have had the same Amazon account for 15 years.

I will wait for you all to scramble to remember whether or not if you bought that Fatboy Slim LP on Amazon in high school.

Here is Amazon's AutoRip terms and conditions:

Complete your purchase of an AutoRip album to save a free MP3 version of the album to Cloud Player.

After you complete a purchase of an eligible AutoRip album, a free MP3 version of that album is added to your Amazon Cloud Player library and is available on your PC or Mac computer, or other connected device.

While searching the Amazon Music store from your web browser, the AutoRip logo is displayed on albums that are eligible for the AutoRip program. To narrow your search results to only eligible albums, select "AutoRip" from the navigation options on the left.

You can also see the AutoRip logo on physical albums (including CD, vinyl, and other formats) and MP3 product detail pages, in Order History, or by going to Introducing AutoRip.

You can find, stream, and download your AutoRip music (marked with an AutoRip logo) in the Purchased playlist, in your Amazon Cloud Player library on any of your enabled devices. If you don't have a Cloud Player account, you can activate one for free. AutoRip is available to U.S. customers only.

So there you have it. Happy shopping.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.