Amazon's Funniest One-Star Classic Album Reviews

As a music writer, it can be beneficial to seek out other music reviews to see what people are thinking, aficionados and trolls alike. Let's look at Amazon, a popular site where I admit I've spent a bit of money and time. You can find anything here, down to your most basic grocery-shopping needs.

As with all other comment sections, really, Amazon's consumer reviews can be deafening. These critics have opinions that they absolutely have to defend, or else they just want attention. Others just get really excited sharing their naysaying opinions, and sites like Amazon provide a wide audience. Today we thought we'd help widen some of these reviewers' audiences (hopefully alongside our own) with a top-notch, annotated selection of Amazon's one-star album reviewers.

Let It Be, The Beatles

Harry Ballzak, you are terrible.

OK Computer, Radiohead

How intolerable, unbearable and overweening.

Damita Jo listening to the wrong kind of music

The Bends, Radiohead

Here's more on Radiohead. This one's by Ben from the kornfields.

Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, Wilco

I'll tell you, Kelsey "Music and Entertainment Critic."

In Utero, Nirvana

"It's like Hanson on Acid."

The Queen Is Dead, The Smiths

Kelsey strikes again!

Electric Warrior, T. Rex

"Peace out you crack fiends."

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Alexa Crenshaw