America’s “Glamour Girl”

Gene Simmons sure is an ass. He talks up a storm about being his band being the most successful ever, sells KISS brand caskets and KISS brand pregnancy tests. But for all his posturing, he always had one major flaw. You see, he took off his make-up after each show. Tammy Faye Messner, the former Mrs. Jim Bakker, died this past Friday after a long bout with cancer. Miss Tammy was pure glam rock, through and through. She never took off her make-up, even though it sometimes looked as if she applied it like this. She had the hair and clothes that could put any self-respecting hair-metal superstar to shame. She was like a beautiful vampy drag-queen, hanging out with the gays and even starring on the VH1’s The Surreal Life for a season. With his Revolution Church in New York, her son Jay is sort of like the Billie Joe Armstrong of rock and roll Christianity. This past weekend, the Alley Theatre hosted a few performances of a musical based on her life. The world is a less bright and vivid place now that she’s gone to the great Mary Kay party in the sky.

Here’s “Glamour Girl” from Chicks on Speed. Stay fabulous, Houston. She would have wanted it that way. – Craig Hlavaty

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