Amerika: Rammstein Finally Hitting Houston In 2012

Popular German industrial group Rammstein hits Houston on May 25, 2012 for a date at the Toyota Center. This will be the band's first Houston date since their formation, but they have played sporadic dates at points elsewhere in Texas over the years.

This is a coup for the industrial and metal scene in Houston, as Rammstein has been a constant - yet somehow hidden - influence on most heavier bands since they hit big with 1997's MTV single "Du Hast," which attempted to teach American metal fans the German language.

But the band has always been way more than a fluke single with a nasty beat and scary vocals. The innate scariness of the screamed and howled German tongue and the band's clever wordplay helped them develop a fanbase that would soon discover groups like KMFDM and Ministry.

Their live shows are known for fire, leather, metal, sweat, more fire, grime, and killer light shows, which means that some member of Rocks Off will probably be in covered joyous tears in May when we cover the show. This is the same live show that saw some of the members get briefly locked up by cops in the States during the 1998 Family Values Tour with Korn.

Looking at YouTube clips it seems like Kraftwerk and Nine Inch Nails circa 1994 had a baby in a steel mill, which is right up our alley. Wings that shoot fire? Sure. We first got a taste of the band on 1997's Lost Highway soundtrack album, which warped our ears for life.

The band will be touring behind a greatest hits set, Made In Germany 1995-2011, which sees a US release on December 13.

Rammstein tickets go on sale on Saturday, November 19, at the usual Live Nation outlets and online.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.