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An Affiliated Soldier Explains What Is And Isn't Gangster

The hip-hop world is a less than sensible place - lots of times, you're even required to clarify when bad means bad and when bad means good - so once a week we're going to get with a rapper and ask them to explain things. Something you always wanted to ask a rapper? Email [email protected].

This Week's Rapper: Wil from Affiliated Soldierz

This Week's Subject: Crip culture; Gangsters and books; Tone Loc; Tyler; Face tattoos; Cee-Lo Green

AAR: You guys being gangsters and all, there were several things we were hoping to ask, sirs. Let's jump in.

First, and this has become more and more prevalent lately, and we've seen you all do it so it made sense to ask you all, but can you provide an explaination for the spelling any words that have a C and a K concurrently (back, track, fuck, etc) with two C's instead (bacc, tracc, fucc)?

Wil: Well, for me, the C stands for Crip in my spelling. I am in the organization. So I drop the K in my spelling and add a C. But some people do it for fun, or I guess it look good for them.

AAR: Second, 50 Cent, noted gangster, is writing a book on anti-bullying. Is this silly or awesome?

W: Now, don't take the word Gangster out of context. We as G's are the coolest people. We have good hearts and we pray a lot. We just been through a lot of adversity in our lives and pain. We live our life on the edge all day. "Gangsters" or "Gangsta" don't necessary mean criminal or murderer.

In referring to the 50 Cent comment, its' cool from my standpoint because we all know what his story is and the challenges he had in his life. I rather have someone like that teaching my child about anti-bullying then a person who hasn't been there. It will make more sense

AAR: Third, Tone Loc was recently arrested for domestic violence. Do you think that the elixir he took in "Wild Thing" had anything to do with this?

W: Domestic violence... I don't condone at all. If I see a man whipping a woman and she can't defend herself, I will jump in. But on this issue I don't have no respect for a man that beats up woman.

AAR: Fourth, Tyler, the Creator broke his foot at a recent show. How heartbroken were you about this?

W: Oh damn. Who is Tyler? I don't watch too much TV, but tell him to get well soon.

AAR: Fifth, Rick Ross just got his own face tattoo. Why, oh why, did that trend take off? And is Gucci Mane to blame?

W: Now this is a sensitive topic for me because I have tattoos; not on my face, but I have plenty. Personally, I wouldn't put it on my face. That's not me, but to each its own. That's what he does, then that's him. And no, Gucci didn't start it. People always had tats on their faces.

AAR: Lastly, and this is a very generalized question: Is Cee-Lo a genius, or is he just a weird-looking guy with expensive glasses?

W: Cee-Lo Green is a Genius to me, due to the fact he can change his whole swag to sing and make millions and still be relevant in the business today. Im a fan of Cee-Lo.

Ed. Note: Cee-Lo may be a genius, but not a very tactful one at times. He has since retracted what he said about our colleague in the Twin Cities.

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