Anarchitex: Welcome To The Digital Dark Age

"I find I don't use the word 'fascist' as much as I did when I was younger"

There's little your humble narrator can add to the exhaustive work our own David Ensminger did on the elusive Anarchitex, something of Houston's best-kept punk secret, and his in-depth preview of the band's new album Digital Dark Age. However, there is always a however, and Rocks Off wanted to check in with singer John Reen Davis before the band formally releases the album tomorrow at Fitzgerald's.

Since 1983 Anarchitex has put their own spin on the punk genre - looser and more experimental than The Hates, but with the same kind of legitimacy. The music is as angry as ever, railing against their own advancing age as well as the continuing downfall of society. There's nothing standard about their songs. Don't expect some kind of generic punk soundtrack to some kind of half-remembered Sex Pistols-inspired film. You're going to get hit in the brain when you turn on Digital Dark Age.

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