Anatomy Of A Hoax: No Rebecca Black At The Galleria

Fool me once, shame on me...

A while back, Rocks Off heard that the tween-meme queen of YouTube, Rebecca Black of "Friday" fame, was doing a mall tour that included a stop at the Galleria today. So we kind of shrugged and said "huh." Not our thing, but you know, kids these days.

We talked it over with our colleagues and came to the conclusion that it might be interesting to send someone to cover it, sociologically if not musically. Because we are all about sociology over here.

Well, never mind. Turns out the whole thing was never happening to begin with.

As Houston's Space City Rock first noticed Tuesday, and Rocks Off in turn noticed when we were pecking about the Internet trying to find a time when Black would be performing, this supposed mall tour was nothing more than somebody's idea of a practical joke.

We should have known. First of all, if Black were going to do something like this, we figure we might have gotten at least one phone call or email about it. Overnight Internet sensation/pop stars + hastily booked tour = Publicist's lucky day/worst nightmare. (Charlie Sheen's people might agree.)

Secondly, although we suspect she may be home-schooled, the tail end of the school year is not the best month for any 12-year-old to be touring. And finally, according to zap2it - which figured the whole thing out in March, when Rocks Off was still dodging elbows at SXSW - "she may need to come up with a fuller roster of songs (for instance, 'Monday,' 'Tuesday,' etc.) before hitting the road."

Sure enough, this morning Rocks Off emailed Nicole Delmer in the media relations office of the Galleria's ownership group, Simon Malls. She had never heard of any such thing.

We also learned something else: Just because your song has a million or three YouTube hits - more like 128 million and counting - doesn't mean anyone is interested in seeing you sing it live.

Had the Galleria been getting a lot of calls about Black's purported appearance?

"You're the only one," Delmer said.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.