Andrew WK's Top Five Partying Lessons: "Positive and Ridiculous Times You!"

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Andrew WK is so many things: musician, motivational speaker, spokesman, and entertainer, but more than anything, the guy is a walking encyclopedia on the power of positive partying. As multitalented as he is, what he's really good at is looking at a situation and finding the party at the end of it.

Whether WK is dropping golden nuggets of partying wisdom on his Twitter feed (@AndrewWK) or schlepping sex napkins for Playtex, with their "Fresh + Sexy" campaign, he's a one-man party machine. And he does it all with that infamous bloody nose to boot.

That positive partying wisdom has helped catapult WK to the height of his career. He's gone from underground positive party guru and metal musician to a household name seemingly overnight. It makes sense, though, given the sheer amount of stuff he's been a part of this summer alone. Andrew WK is worldwide now, and using that exposure to spread his positive partying across the globe at a rapid pace.

In typical WK fashion, he's spent the summer partying alongside punk legend Marky Ramone's on the Blitzkrieg tour, playing Ramones hits and basking in all that is awesome. Now he's taking a break from that for a couple of months, but not to get some down time. Instead he'll play heavy-metal DJ as the opener on Black Sabbath's current tour. Then he'll hop right back on tour with Ramone in October for Blitzkrieg's second half.


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Like the rest of the world, we are intrigued with this Andrew WK character. He's a hard-partying, motivating kind of dude, and we can't stop watching to see what he'll do next. So naturally, we jumped on the chance earlier this week to wax poetic with WK over all things "party".

Rocks Off spoke with WK earlier this week, and he schooled us on everything from rap beefs to his future as a punching bag. We think perhaps he should school you too. Here are the Top 5 positive partying lessons he taught us. Maybe you should grab a pencil and take notes.

5. Breaking world records is definitely worth the pain in the ass. Literally. On breaking a drumming world record this past June:

My arms have healed, but I'm not even sure they were ever damaged. I don't know if it was because of my training, but my arms weren't sore; it was my ass. Even my seams on my jeans and the creases where my knees bent, which I never would have predicted would be the case.

And I'm sure someone has broken it already. As soon as it is broken, it's one of those records that inspire people to break the new one; they'll go for 25 hours and have painful asses.

I've already been thinking about going for another record; maybe not one that's in music this time. It's those feats of stamina that really push us out of our comfort zone and into something way more.

4. Rap-video cameos can help to reiterate your purpose as a positive partyer, especially when you're essentially a giant punching bag. On his cameo in Killer Mike and El-P's video for "36' Chain," and whether he'll try his hand at rapping:

Well, I'm not a very good rapper, but anything is possible; maybe anything gets better with practice, and what better teachers than Killer Mike and El-P, who put out one of the best rap songs around?

I imagine anything is possible, but there are times where there are certain people who were born to do that -- rap -- and times when they're born to do something else, like party and make music with a band.

It was just a cameo where I get beaten up. Maybe that's my future; maybe I have a future as a punching bag or a very bad fighter. That could be another world record. I'm not sure people have done that.

3. Everyone has had a rap beef or two -- even Andrew WK -- and every rap beef has a positive partying lesson somewhere.

I've had secret beefs, often times with myself. That's probably the most fighting I've had, the confrontations can be physical but they're self-contained, so they're not as dangerous.

I've found so many times that I've had a problem with someone who eventually becomes more of a motivator than a friend can. It can push you in the way that other people can't, these"beefs." The other team or the person that you're up against, they can pull out more drive than you'd imagine.

Boxers and MMA fighters, they beat each other up, but then they shake hands and are genuinely grateful for the opponent; you can see it. You have to harness all those feelings - the anger, the jealousy, the frustration -- and you use that for good purposes.

Good or bad, you harness it and focus it to mean more.

2. Positive partying does not necessarily mean sober partying, unless you're WK's grandma. And then it definitely means sober partying.

I think each person should do whatever appeals to them, whatever makes them amplified, excited, open, and engaged in being alive. Most of all, you want to have experiences before you die, and to know that you've kind of done it all.

I never liked rules, there shouldn't be rules on how I'm supposed to party or you should do or shouldn't do drugs; all of that is nonsense. It's about celebrating what makes you happy.

The way my 95-year-old grandma parties is going to be way different than the way a 25 year old at my concert parties, and that's the way it's supposed to be.

I think drugs are great and alcohol is great and intoxication is fantastic, whether it comes from one source or another, it's about finding a way to reach other levels of partying.

1. Partying is indeed an acronym, and here's what it means.

"Positive and Ridiculous Times You! That was hard -- I wasn't sure I'd get through it for a minute.

Andrew WK opens for Black Sabbath Thursday at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion. Gates open at 6:30 p.m.

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