Another Batch Of HPMA Nominee MP3s

Rocks Off is happy to report that our stockpile of MP3s by 2010 Houston Press Music Award nominees is growing by leaps and bounds. We now have enough to make several days of posts parceled out five or six nominees at a time, but we could always use some more. Send them to chris.gray@houstonpress.com.

Those of you who have sent us your songs and don't see them posted just yet, please be patient. If for some reason you're not sure if you or your band has been nominated for an award - we're not sure how this could happen, but just in case - check the two-part ballot here and here.

Remember, please put "hpma" in the subject header, and send us a separate email letting us know what you've been up to lately and where you're playing in the near future. Attach a recent picture if you don't mind, too. There are now a little more than two weeks until the voting opens online July 15; the first print ballot will be in the July 22 issue of the Press.

Today Rocks Off is proud to bring you MP3s from 2 Dollar Sound (Best R&B/Funk/Soul), Driftwood (Best Country), Fluff the Kat (Best Cover/Tribute Band), The Journey Agents (Best Rock) and Hollywood FLOSS (Best Underground Hip-Hop). Enjoy, and check out our previous HPMA MP3 posts here (Kyle Hubbard, The Lotus Effect, Tianna Hall) and here (Kennedy Bakery, Plump, Preemo, Rowe, Two Star Symphony, World's Most Dangerous). We'll post some more in a day or two.

2 Dollar Sound, "$2 Ticket"
2 Dollar Sound, "Running Backwards"
Driftwood, "Milk Cow Blues"
Driftwood, "Texas Talkin'"
Fluff the Kat, "Harder to Breathe"
Fluff the Kat, "You Oughta Know"
Hollywood FLOSS, "Led Zep"
Hollywood FLOSS, "She a Dime"
The Journey Agents, "Brace Yourself"
The Journey Agents, "Coupe De Ville"

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