A selection from last weekend's "Remembering Selena" group art show at Houston's East End Studio Gallery
A selection from last weekend's "Remembering Selena" group art show at Houston's East End Studio Gallery
Photo by Marco Torres

Apparently a Selena Hologram Will Be Touring Soon

A week after the world paid public tribute to Selena in the wake of the 20th anniversary of her death, a hologram is going to be created in her honor, in the same vein as the Tupac hologram that appeared with Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg at Coachella 2012 and the fake Michael Jackson at last May's Billboard Music Awards. Her family confirmed the rumors to Billboard Wednesday, saying the hologram made for the late Tejano star will do several things the previous two couldn't: create new music, collaborate with present-day artists and eventually go on tour.

The model, dubbed "Selena The One" was approved by the Quintanilla family and was announced via a Facebook post earlier yesterday. The project will be commended by Nevada based company Acrovirt LLC, whose creative aim is to be in the business of "developing and commercializing the Digitized Human Essence with unparalleled interactivity."

The project also aims to raise $500,000 via an IndieGoGo donation page, along with media sponsorship via the San Diego Latino Film Festival.

The hologram notthe first time Selena's image has attempted to be projected in that manner. In a 2014 interview with the Associated Press, Selena's father, Abraham Quintanilla, discussed complications in the creation of a Selena hologram with AV Concepts, the group behind the Tupac hologram at Coachella 2012.

Selena's brother, AB, agreed with his father saying, "We all decided that it wasn't enough for the fans. She looked like a ghost. The image was not well-defined."

The entire process is a massive undertaking but it's also a rather morbid idea considering the response to watching the Tupac and Michael Jackson holograms. However, those particular fan bases, while global, don't feel as ravenous and pained as that of Selena's, whose hometown of Corpus Christi at times feels like a slow and tragic reminder of the gift she presented people with during her rise to stardom.

This plaque is part of the Selena memorial in the late icon's hometown of Corpus Christi.
This plaque is part of the Selena memorial in the late icon's hometown of Corpus Christi.

There's the museum, the restaurants, and the entire city working as a unit to protect the image of the late Tejano star. Selena's power upon that community and Hispanics everywhere was felt even in death with last week's massive artistic celebration at the East End Gallery. A hologram of the late star will be critiqued and skewered. However, the news will at least bring a bit of peace to fans who've always wondered what could have been with Selena Quintanilla had she not been murdered.

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The image of Selena may be one thing. Watching a hologram create new music and collaborate with the stars of today may be another story altogether.

For more information and details in regards to Selena The One, visit the official Web site.

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