Are These the Most Anticipated Albums of 2013? Seriously?

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7. Pearl Jam

It's not really a surprise to see them here, as they've been steadily releasing material ever since 1991. Perhaps to their own detriment; never taking a break kind of meant never leaving a hole in the life of the Generation Xer which they would seek to fill with, say, a big Pearl Jam reunion show. Even though we'll miss them when they finally do call it quits, at this point we can't really work up much excitement to hear what they've got planned next, or not enough to put them in the Top 10, anyway.

Will it be any good? Their last album, Backspacer, was. No reason to think this one won't be.

Will it actually come out? Yes. Pearl Jam know they have a loyal following and try extra hard not to jerk them around.

6. Queens of the Stone Age

Now we're talking. This is the first selection from Loudwire's list that we would actually move further up rather than removing entirely. Six years is a long time to go with no new Queens of the Stone Age, and it's going to be interesting indeed to see what Josh Homme has cooked up since George W. Bush was president.

Will it be any good? Has there been a bad Queens album yet? (Hint: no.)

Will it actually come out? Oh God, please don't toy with us, Josh.

5. Judas Priest

"Oh my God, Judas Priest are making a comeback?" you probably aren't saying, but theoretically could. Well, apologies to LL Cool J, but don't call it a comeback; they've been here for years. Judas Priest have been releasing new material relatively steadily ever since they hit the scene. Their last album was 2008's Nostradamus. Do you remember anything about it? Do you still listen to any songs off it? Did it make any lasting impact in any way?

Of course not. And, since their next album isn't any kind of reunion project, it's hard to see why anyone should care. Sure, they shook the world back in their heyday and they're still a solid act. But top ten most anticipated? Really? When there are umpteen bands out there trying new and interesting things, how many people can still get excited over more same old, same old?

Will it be any good? Their last few albums weren't all that great, so probably not.

Will it actually come out? Sure, like we said, these guys have been steadily delivering long past quitting time.

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