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Are You Ready for the Homo Moccasins?

We saw this come over the Hands Up! Houston message board on Monday morning and it took us a good 48 hours to fully digest it. It's the Homopolice covering - or, more accurately, eviscerating - the Wild Moccasins' "Bottom of the Chain" in only the way the leather boys know how: Leatherly. Hearing the angelic cooing of the Moccasins' Zahira Gutierrez buried under a pile of noise and sweaty men is the stuff dreams are made of.

It sounds like someone being violated in the back alley behind Ripcord. This was knocked out in a studio one drunken debauched night, and the results were soon shuffled onto the Internet. Both parties are mulling over a possible split release covering each other songs, and studio time is being hammered out now.

We are breathlessly waiting for the Moccs' delicate take on "Violent Homosexual." Because that will be the day that Houston music will swallow itself like a black hole, and what comes out the other end will be (in our best "dude" voice) "Sweet, brah."

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Craig Hlavaty
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