Arlo Guthrie

After 45-plus years on the road, Arlo Guthrie remains one of the most enduring American troubadours, an evergreen act and virtual folk-music institution. While like any other musician, he seeks to entertain, his work is in fact didactic, full of lessons and fresh views based on humanity's current situation. This son of left-leaning, iconoclastic, Oklahoma-born legend Woody Guthrie will forever be associated with his 17-minute satirical anti-Vietnam draft opus "Alice's Restaurant" — Guthrie has actually been quoted as saying the song is not so much anti-military as it is anti-stupidity — but his body of work would be the envy of any singer-songwriter. Still broadly identified as a hippie-era liberal icon for his Woodstock performance, the sly Guthrie has quietly moved his politics toward the center over the course of his career — today he is not only a registered Republican but has endorsed Brazoria County Libertarian Ron Paul. But whatever his political affiliation, Guthrie remains at his core a centrist, pragmatist and humanist, a chip off the old block. This is why he remains relevant and beloved after such a long career.
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William Michael Smith