Art Rock: This Rudz Poster Was Too Offensive for MySpace

Thanks to Ramon "LP4" Medina for passing along this bit of Big Brother action. This morning, Rudyard's got an email from the MySpace administration informing the Montrose venue the above poster had been removed from Rudz's page for violating the terms of use - though the social-networking site didn't say which specific term. One of Rudyard's 4,600 friends likely reported the poster as offensive. "I guess we'll just go with the less offensive poster that has Jesus bent over doing coke while Hitler penetrates him in a bed of aborted babies," said Medina, stipulating he was speaking as Rudz's "Web geek" but not as an official representative of the club. "That should be a bit less offensive to that person's sensibilities, I'd think," Medina added. "OK, obviously, I'm kidding. Jesus is cool by me and he probably, unlike our 'friend,' has a sense a humor."

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